PBI Needs to Be Our Top Priority : Shiv Narayan Prasad

On 29 December, Bihar state committee of Proutist Bloc, India met in Patna to review the performance of the party in the recently-held Bihar state assembly elections, in which the party had fielded five candidates - Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Sinha, Bhola Paswan, Sitaram Singh, Krishna Kumar Jha, Prem Shankar - from Harnot, Laukaha, Sitamarhi, Sursand and Kumhrar respectively.

Besides the state committee members and candidates, national convener of the party Acharya Santosananda Avadhuta, national general secretary Kanhu Charan Behura, national movement secretary Kedarnath Sahoo and national public relations secretary Ravindra Singh were also present in the meeting. 

State president Acharya Shiv Narayan Prasad gave a brief description of party's involvement in the election -- right from candidate selection to the declaration of results. He said the cadres of the party, especially the office-bearers, need to be more involved in the party activities if they want proutists to rule. The party, he said, needs to be their top priority.

The election candidates also, one by one, talked about their experience, challenges and performance in the election. Prem Shanker, who had contested from Kumhrar constituency, said that the lockdown severely hampered his preparations for the elections. He expressed his satisfaction over his election campaign despite his restricted movement. Other candidates namely Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Sinha, Bhola Paswan, Sitaram Singh and Krishna Kumar Jha talked of the similar challenges. 

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Bhaskar, a senior proutist from Patna, emphasized the urgency to spread the proutistic ideas to create a class of citizens who are socially, economically and politically conscious and likes to fight against the immoral forces.  

Kanhu Charan Behura said that party needs to have good booth management in all 243 constituencies of the state in order to succeed in electoral politics. Acharya Santosananda Avadhuta empahsized the need of regular events in every constituency of the state. He said the party must work for the real issues of the people, and fight to win. While he praised the candidates for their performance against all odds, he also pointed out what could have been done in better way.

Kedarnath Sahoo said that various movements, no doubt, help garner the support of the people, but a strong organization needs to be built if we wish to convert that support into vote and electoral victory.

The meeting concluded with a powerpoint presentation on Amiirii Rekha (ceiling on wealth) by Ravindra Singh. Using various statistics and data, he tried to establish that Amiirii Rekha is the only solution to poverty, unemployment, recession, inflation, corruption etc. He said that today just 10 percent people have come to possess more than 80 percent wealth of the country, while 50 percent people own less than 5 percent wealth. He said if the poverty line was determined according to the dignified living standard, 70 percent Indians would fall below the poverty line. He said Amiirii Rekha is the foundation of economic democracy and an absolute necessity, without which political democracy is a farce.

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