Neohumanism is an Ever Increasing Circle of Love : Ganesh Bhat

The month of November saw four online prout classes by Proutist Bloc, India's national training secretary Ganesh Bhat, which were attended by the office-bearers and other party cadres.

He spoke on Neo-humanism and its relevance in today's world. He said that Neohumanism is an ever increasing circle of love, and love in action. The understanding that we are all interconnected goes beyond humanity, and includes the animals, plants, and the inanimate And this love arises when we see that we have a consciousness hidden deep within, a consciousness that bears witness to all our thoughts. when we realize that our very existence depends upon that consciousness, and when we learn to identify with that consciousness, then we find that the exact same consciousness is in everything ! We don’t just feel love for all, we are all. It is both an internal realization, and an external practice. He added that for the establishment of Prout we need to create a collective psychology based on Neohumanism, which is the ultimate shelter.

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