PBI (Vidarbha) Demands Immediate Relief for ThoseĀ  Affected by Lockdown

On 12 December,  PBI (Vidarbha) took out a rally in Pandharkawda, Vidarbha under the leadership of Madhukar Nistane, Convener, PBI (Vidarbha). 
Acharya Santosananda Avadhuta, the national convener of PBI, was also present on the occasion.  Addressing the agitators, he said that Vidarbha has been the victim of persistent neglect and injustice by the state government. 2/3 of Maharashtra's minerals and 3/4 of forests fall in Vidarbha, but despite that there is not enough industrial growth in this area, he added. Citing the reason for this discrimination with Vidarbha, he said that all the leaders who have reached the assembly or Parliament from Vidarbha have betrayed the trust of their voters. Instead of trying to create a separate Vidarbha state, they have  been more concerned about their chair. PBI, therefore, needs to accelerate the movement for the statehood to Vidarbha

Madhukar Nistane said that Vidarbha has been a victim of persistent neglect since the formation of  Maharashtra. A paltry sum of the state budget is allocated to Vidarbha. In the last 15 years, about 45000 farmers have committed suicide in 11 districts of Vidarbha. Agriculture is in bad shape and industries are practically non-existent. 
After the demonstration, PBI submitted a memorandum of their following demands to the district officials to be handed over to the chief minister Uddhav Thakre:

1. A proposal for the creation of a separate Vidarbha state should be tabled in the parliament at the earliest.
2. Ownership rights should be given to encroachers.
3. Industries based on local resources be established, and local youths be employed in them. Besides, unemployment allowance should be given to the unemployed until they get appropriate employment 
4. Examinations in the higher educational institutions of Vidarbha and other competitive examinations should be held timely. 
 5. Farmers and labourers affected by lockdown should be given financial help at the earliest.

Dilip Umre, Moreshwar Vatile, Vishwabandhu Agwan, Marotarao Yevle, Vijay Dehankar, Raju Maharaj Virdande, Narendra Dhanre, Amol Bahekar, Gopal Nampellivar, Pandurang Kiranapure, Yasathi Shankar Gedam, Deo Madavi, Bhimrao Atram, Anita Kudmate, Devidas Sidam, Manohar Parache, Dilip Gadhve, Motiram Pendore, Krishna Tekaam and Madhukar Borkar actively participated in the rally besides hundreds of local people.

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