PBI (Odisha) Unearths Anomalies in PMAY- G

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana - Gramin (PMAY-G) is a social welfare program by the government of India, which is supposed to provide low-cost housing to the rural Indian people. It is for BPL families who are houseless or financially weak to afford a house. This scheme is scheduled for completion by the year 2022 just like the  ‘Housing for all’ or the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) scheme.

But Proutist Bloc, India (Odisha) has found that this program is mired in rampant corruption. By using RTI, PBI cadres have conducted an enquiry, audit, inspection and investigation with sufficient documents and unearthed serious anomalies in the allocation of funds meant for the poor. It has been found that the funds have been allocated to people who either don't exist or have already died. The party has demanded a high level inquiry.

Besides, PBI (Odisha) has been working on the following issues:
1. Land for the landless: The party has been demanding land for the landless. Although PBI believes that mere allocation of land is not going to empower the landless, yet this allocation can help pave the way to their empowerment.

2. Social Security scheme - PBI has demanded that the pension for the old aged, widows and the disabled  should be enhanced from Rs. 300 to rupees 1500 per month.

3. Housing for all: The party has been demanding housing for all, and as a part of this movement, has found rampant irregularities mentioned above. PBI has found that the funds allocated under Pradhan Mantri Gramin Awas Yojana (PMAY-G) have not reached those it is meant for. In other words, their houses have been STOLEN. 

The following people were allocated funds, which has not reached them yet:
1.Sriram Kanhara  (ST) Rs.20,000   
2. Ramchandra Pradhan Rs.20,000   
3.Laxman Nayak Rs.20,000 
4.Ghasiram Pradhan Rs.1, 20,000
5.DuryodhanNaik     Rs.1,20,000
6.Keti Behera     Rs.90,000
7.Sundara Pradhan     Rs.20,000   
8.Para Nayak, Bahira Rs.90,000
9.Ugrasena Sena     Rs.90,000
10.Neta Nandi, Kirasira Rs.20,000   
11.Susanta Behera Rs.90,000 
12.Kartika Nayak Rs.90,000 
13.Lalmani Nayak Rs.90,000
14.Rajindra Nayak  
15.Kapila Bhokta, Budhipadar
16.Shanta Sethy, Haripur
17.Ude Behera 
18.Ranjan Behera, Routbahal
19.Jagannatha Meher Laxmiprasad Rs.120,000
20.Ajambila Pradhan Lumurjena
21.Santos Kumar Meher  Rs.1, 20,000
22.Rajendra Bhokta     Rs.1, 20,000
23.Sarojini Pradhan Rs.1, 20,000
24.Subas Bhokta, Jharakata Rs.20000
Kantamal Block:
25.Panchanan Sethy Rs.1, 20,000
26.Rabi Kumbhar Rs.1, 20,000
27.Pradip Kumar Sahu and many more.

Talking to PROUT correspondent, national movement secretary Kedarnath Sahoo said, "The people included in the list are so poor that they hardly manage to get two meals a day. With no access to the internet, they didn't know that their names had been published as the beneficiaries under PMAY-G in the government websites. It was PBI that took note of it and raised the issue, and is determined to take the movement to its logical end."

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